Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craft Idea

Craft ideas for the "Night Hues Collection"

Originally when I designed this collection I envisioned the stars to be embroidered with metallic thread. Since you are looking at paper and not fabric you can add your own finishing touches. Here are some ideas for glitzier stars on Susie's outfits.

- Try using a gel pen.
They come in a variety of brights, pastels, and even metallic colors. There are several brands out there available at local craft stores and large retailers. Simply retrace or draw over the existing stars with your own gel pen. Your stars will appear brighter and sparkle in the light.

- Have fun experimenting with glitter glue.
Not only do they offer a sparkle, depending on the brand they can leave a raised surface where the glue was applied. Your stars will not only sparkle but pop out slightly from the paper. This will add dimension and color.

- For the more experienced crafter you can always adhere glitter the old fashioned way. Apply the liquid glue to desired stars. Shake the loose glitter over the glue, the excess glitter is then shaken off the paper and let dry.

I am always one for a bargain. Don't forget to hunt the newspapers and websites for your valuable coupons when purchasing your craft supplies. I have even seen packs of glitter glue tubes at the dollar store. Mothers, when I find a good deal I like to stock up on these items. They are great for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, children's rewards, Birthday presents, or any special occasion. It saves me the time and trouble for the last minute trips to hunt for items in the stores.