Monday, December 6, 2010

"Holiday Deal"
Receive a 2nd collection with the purchase of a "Welcome Packet"

Give this one of a kind special gift to any child and this will surely bring a smile not just to you but to all of those who participate and remember the simple things from the past.

How to get your free collection:
Once you purchase the "Welcome Packet" you will receive the one downloadable pdf/collection of your choice. Simply write me an email to with your choice of a second collection and I will email you back this 2nd downloadable pdf/collection for FREE. In the email state "Holiday Deal". You may also access this email from the contact page on mypaperdolz website.

Remember mypaperdolz ships anywhere domestically and internationally. When you place your order the billing address and shipping address can be different as well as the downloadable pdf. The bow and gift tag do not come with this but the beautiful envelope does. How easy is it to place a bow, card or gift tag on top. If you choose to mail to your home you may forward the pdf to the child or print a copy or two and place inside the envelope to get them started.

Have fun and Happy Holidays

Need a fun and festive Holiday gift bag?

Take a few minutes to create your own.

1) Simply cut out some pieces from your favorite collection.
2) Cut off or leave the tabs which would normally hold the fashions to your Susie doll.
3) Glue the fashions to any plain or colored handle bag you choose.
4) You could back any of the fashions with colored paper you may have around your house. This gives the items a little more pop.
5) Try attaching bells to paper clips.
6) You may embellish and decorate as much or as little as you like.

Have fun!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Say Boo To Your Friends"

It is Halloween time and here is a fun idea. Utilize your Autumn Dominoes collection from your paper dolls to create this fun card. Also try this same layout and adhere to a paper handle bag for "trick or treating" or any social event.

1) You will need a 7x5" piece (the example is brown) of heavy card stock. Fold the card stock in half horizontally.
2) Trim a piece of card stock, this example with images is from Creative Imaginations, slightly smaller than the card. Ink the edges of the paper with brown ink and glue to the card.
3) Glue a pre-glittered foam pumpkin or any style pumpkin to the card.
4) Affix any Halloween stickers to your card.
5) Dress your Susie doll for fit and proportion in the orange T shirt and belted skinny jean from he Autumn Dominoes Collection.
6) Carefully remove the outfit from your Susie doll and tape the two pieces together.
7) Affix your outfit to the card with foam dots.
8) Stamp, computer generate or write your message inside.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fine Motor Skills and Paper Dolls

Fine motor skills could be defined as doing any task that requires small precise hand and finger movements. We want our children to build these skills and or muscles for writing and anything that requires use of the hands and fingers. These skills are important to develop in childhood because they will remain with them throughout their entire education and life.

As parents we want to find activities that our children can and like to do that promote these skills. Activities that are fun might include play dough, silly putty, kids scissors, beads, markers, crayons, paints and other crafts. For example, the skills used form being able to repeatedly print and cut out the clothes, dress the doll and work with tabs from fashion collections will help promote your child's fine motor skills.

Practice makes perfect!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Dot's great!"

Now that you are in school you have had a chance to reconnect with old classmates or meet new ones. Have a friend over for crafts and coordinate together one of Susie's outfits and place on a card. This is my favorite outfit and here are the instructions. Which outfit are you going to choose? I am sure it will be great!

1) You will need a 5 3/4" by 4 1/2" cream envelope.
2) You will also need a 8 1/4" by 5 1/2" piece of cream cardstock folded horizontally.
3) Cut a piece of peach colored cardstock slightly smaller than the card and affix the cardstock to the card with a glue stick or dimensional tape.
4) Closely trim Susie's outfit and dress her for fit and proportion in the poplin shirt, green tube sweater anad the panel skirt from the Domino's fall collection.
5) Carefully remove the outfit from the doll and tape the three pieces together.
6) Affix the assembled outfit to the card with a glue stick or dimensional tape.

Have fun!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thank you!

I am sending out a big "Thank You" to all 36 new Facebook friends who joined my page this week and are following

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Card of the month

Ever wonder what else you can do with your paper dolls?

How about making your own cards? Send a friend a thoughtful card or attach a more personalized card to your present.

I will continue to give you more ideas for creative uses with your doll and collections.

Each month I will post a new card. I will include instruction with each card and you may take all or part as your inspiration.

Invite a friend over and make some cards for future use. It is always great to have a card ready for any occasion.

Have fun!

"Back to School" Card

1) You will need a legal size envelope.
2) Trim a letter size sheet of paper or card stock to 9 1/4 x 8 inches.
3) Fold the card stock in half vertically.
4) Trim the first layer of paper or card stock slightly smaller than the card. A corner rounder was used to round the corners.
5) Trim the second layer of paper or card stock slightly smaller than the first layer, round the corners and glue to the first layer.
6) Dress your Susie doll for proper fit in an outfit of your choice.
7) Carefully remove your outfit from the doll and tape the pieces together.
8) Glue your assembled outfit to the two layers of paper or card stock.
9) Affix all three layers to the card with pop dots.
10) Use your creativity to choose embellishments for your card. This sample card attaches three fancy hair pins underneath all three layers at the upper left side of your card.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Craft Idea

Craft ideas for the "Night Hues Collection"

Originally when I designed this collection I envisioned the stars to be embroidered with metallic thread. Since you are looking at paper and not fabric you can add your own finishing touches. Here are some ideas for glitzier stars on Susie's outfits.

- Try using a gel pen.
They come in a variety of brights, pastels, and even metallic colors. There are several brands out there available at local craft stores and large retailers. Simply retrace or draw over the existing stars with your own gel pen. Your stars will appear brighter and sparkle in the light.

- Have fun experimenting with glitter glue.
Not only do they offer a sparkle, depending on the brand they can leave a raised surface where the glue was applied. Your stars will not only sparkle but pop out slightly from the paper. This will add dimension and color.

- For the more experienced crafter you can always adhere glitter the old fashioned way. Apply the liquid glue to desired stars. Shake the loose glitter over the glue, the excess glitter is then shaken off the paper and let dry.

I am always one for a bargain. Don't forget to hunt the newspapers and websites for your valuable coupons when purchasing your craft supplies. I have even seen packs of glitter glue tubes at the dollar store. Mothers, when I find a good deal I like to stock up on these items. They are great for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, children's rewards, Birthday presents, or any special occasion. It saves me the time and trouble for the last minute trips to hunt for items in the stores.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

What is a "Fashion Collection"?

It is the process that I undergo to establish a cohesive grouping. Inspiration to begin designing comes from many things or sources. The outcome or objects such as a season, color, design element are kept together to be seen or worn.

For instance, if I designed a summer beach collection I could use the color blue from the ocean water and sky, white from the wave caps, light browns from the sand or even yellow from the sun. Each garment would have one or more of those colors that could stand alone and or coordinate back to the other.

Maybe I would be inspired by the seashells? I could design a fabric print that could be used for a dress, skirt or even shirt.

How about ribbons with seashells on it? The ribbon could be used as a design element on a collar, pocket edge, or hat brim.

How about pockets in the shape of clam shells? Everybody needs pockets on their pants, skirts, sweatshirts, jackets, backpacks and so much more.

Each garment in a collection shares a common theme.

Let us relate this to something non-fashion.
What if I had a collection of erasers? I would collect erasers of all kinds. I would collect erasers caps on the ends of pencils of all colors. Erasers that an artist or architect might use. Their are lots of erasers made for all the Holidays. Let's not forget all the themed erasers from brand name manufacturers.

New Vocabulary:
Websters Dictionary

cohesion = (noun) the act or state of sticking together tightly
cohesive = (adjective) exhibiting or producing cohesion or coherence

= (noun) an article of clothing